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A Gift in Your Will is a Lasting Legacy

Leaving a bequest, a gift in your Will, is a very special act of generosity and one way of making a positive difference beyond your lifetime. A bequest to Macular Disease Foundation Australia will support the Foundation in delivering its sight saving work to help ensure that all Australians can see a future.

Every bequest received by the Foundation is welcome whatever the amount, big or small. Your gift will help all Australians living with macular disease, along with their family and carers, for generations to come.

How Will Your Bequest Make a Difference?

There are two ways you can direct your bequest:

1. Research Grants Program
The Foundation's research grants and fellowship program makes a significant contribution to Australian research into macular disease. Through the generosity of the Australian community, the Foundation continues to invest heavily in research.

2. Foundation Programs
The Foundation undertakes a wide range of activities across Australia to educate, raise awareness, provide support and represent the best interests of the macular disease community.

  • Education: educating and informing the community and health care professionals with accurate and current information on macular disease.
  • Awareness: promoting early detection, diagnosis and treatment for those at risk and support pathways for those with vision loss, their families and carers.
  • Support services: providing information, support, guidance and understanding to the macular disease community via services including the Foundation's national Helpline, publications and website.
  • Representation: being the voice of the macular disease community by advocating for accessibility and affordability of treatment and rehabilitation including low vision aids and services.

How to Make a Bequest

Planning your estate today means you can provide for your loved ones and support causes close to your heart, such as Macular Disease Foundation Australia.

If you do not have a Will

If you do not have a Will and wish to create one you should seek advice from a solicitor or the Public Trustee in your state. You can then include a bequest when you create the Will.

If you have a Will

Simply add a Codicil (a short legal amendment) to your existing Will. Again, your solicitor or Public Trustee can assist.

Types of bequests

1. A residual bequest is the most effective way to leave a bequest. It is a gift of what remains after you have made provisions for your loved ones. A residual bequest will keep up with inflation.

2. Leaving a percentage of your estate allows you to decide what proportion of your estate you would like to provide as a bequest. This will also keep up with inflation.

3. A pecuniary bequest is a fixed sum of money to be left as a bequest.

Bequest wording

We suggest the following wording for your Will or Codicil:

"I give and bequeath to Macular Disease Foundation Australia:

  • the rest and residue of my Estate, or
  • [......] percent of my Estate, or
  • [......] percent of the residue of my Estate, or
  • the sum of $[......]

to be used for its [general programs] or [research programs] and for which the receipt of the Treasurer or other officer shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor."

Please click here for a copy of our bequest brochure.