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Macular Degeneration - National Awareness Campaign

In May 2014, Macular Disease Foundation Australia launched a new national television and radio awareness campaign.

The campaign continues to encourage people aged over 50 to "have their eyes tested and macula checked", as well as reinforcing that information, support and understanding is available from the Foundation.

Australia is recognised as a world leader in raising awareness of macular degeneration, which has a direct impact on early detection and saving sight. The ongoing national television and radio awareness campaign has been a key contributor to this outcome.

Since 2008, Macular Disease Foundation Australia has raised awareness of macular degeneration through national television and radio campaigns. These campaigns, along with the multilayered awareness activities of the Foundation, have proven effective in increasing awareness of macular degeneration in Australia. Galaxy polls showed that only 58% of Australians aged over 50 had heard of the disease in 2007. By 2011 this figure had risen to an impressive 92% and has stayed stable since this time.

The current campaign aired on television and radio nationally from 4 - 31 May 2014.

You can listen to the radio campaign by clicking here

You can view the television campaign below:

The 2014 television and radio campaign is supported by Bayer.