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Navigator Talking Book

One of the most frustrating consequences of Macular Degeneration is the effect it has on the ability to read. Thankfully there is now a wide range of simple and accessible devices available to deliver the printed word in an audio format.

The Navigator is one example of talking book technology. The Navigator is a low tech, hand-held portable device that reads aloud books and newspapers chosen by the user. It can hold an average of five books and two newspapers in its memory.

The Navigator was developed by Audio-Read Pty Ltd and they are the sole provider of this technology.

Thanks to the generous support of the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation and the Profield Foundation, the MD Foundation can provide the Navigator to those with MD who are having difficulty reading and, with a large selection of books and newspapers available, the hardest decision will be deciding what to read first!

The MD Foundation provides two ways to access the Navigator talking book:

  • Library Access Program: Navigators are available through many libraries in NSW and content is loaded onto the device by the library. Click Here for more information.

  • Home Access Program: Navigators are provided directly to the person with MD and content is loaded directly onto the device via a website. Click Here for more information.