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Call our support line on 1800 111 709

Where can I get help?

Low vision services provide advice an information as well as answers relating to management of everyday tasks. They also provide equipment solutions and practical assistance including orientation and mobility skills. Most low vision services also provide support and assistance through individual counselling and group programs.

Low vision rehabilitation services are provided in a number of settings in Australia.

Low vision rehabilitation services are also found at Optometry School in Universities in most major cities (e.g. University of Melbourne, University of NSW, Queensland University of Technology) and at some Eye Departments in major city hospitals.

Occasionally some people may become depressed or anxious and may need professional counselling and/or peer support. Professional medical help and advice should be sought immediately if there are any concerns.
Lifeline provide 24-hour telephone counselling services with the national accessible number 13 11 14 for the cost of a local call.