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Wet and Dry Macular Degeneration

There are two forms of macular degeneration (MD):

Dry MD
When cells in the retinal pigment epithelium die, the retinal cells above them also die, leading to patches of 'missing' retina. This is dry MD. This is a slower form of the disease, causing gradual loss of vision. Dry MD does not cause sudden vision loss or distortion. If you know you have dry MD and you experience any sudden change in vision, then it is likely that you have developed the 'wet' form. It is critical that you see your eye care professional immediately.

Wet MD
The wet form of MD occurs when retinal pigment epithelium cells fail to stop the choroidal blood vessels from growing into the retina. When these cells enter the retina, they grow wildly, and they leak fluid and blood into the retina, leading to scarring and loss of vision. When left undetected or untreated, rapid and severe loss of central vision can occur within a short period of time. The Amsler grid will help you to detect changes in vision.